Friday, February 4, 2011

Site is under construction

I know the site looks the same at the moment but it is under construction and should be ready to coincide with the next issue. We're working on cleaning it up, and looking at how it can be made more friendlier for 2011. The idea of constantly changing and growing the magazine has always been an attractive feature so bring on the change.

There is also a new writer joining team Think for the Resort issue Daniel will contribute to the wearable technology section since Erich is on hiatus for this issue but Daniel will be writing fashion. So here we go with year two. We hope to do the same job if not better in the second year of this growing publication.

1 comment:

The Compassion Fashion Project said...

I can't wait to read Daniel's fashion article:) We are very proud of him at The Compassion Fashion Project~Meredith

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