Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recycle this hotel room

Can a hotel room be reused or recycled? I never thought it possible but the architects at L-A-V-A took it upon themselves to create The Future Hotel a clever luxury hotel for the weary globetrotter to relax and rejuvenate at their own pace.

Imagine being in your own little cocoon, with mood lighting of your choice and a spa bathroom where you can enjoy total relaxation and privacy. The room comes with all the standard amenities like wi-fi etc, but in a room like this it's begging you to just do nothing. To read more about this hotel, visit the last resort issue, you'll love finding out more on technology and sustainable design.

1 comment:

The Compassion Fashion Project said...

Oh my! I could sleep in there forever! Love it:)~Meredith

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