Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Think magazine issue 006 in progress

I thought I'd share some backstage images of the cover being shot. Thank you to everyone involved, so far it has been very smooth.
All photos courtesy of Tomoyuki Tatematsu


Prad Savania said...

Impressive work!!

Love Heels??

You should definitely check out my shoe designing BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn! I am hoping I can get a foot into the industry through my illustrations! Take care x


Prad Savania said...

Hey, I have never had any of my designs made to be honest with you Jacqueline. Having finished my degree in Law, i have changed my career path and am trying to gain some experience within the shoe designing industry! (My profile explains alot about my background)

I haven't looked into attending Codwainers yet, however that may potentially be beneficial in terms of furthering my career? Thank you for your advice!


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