Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prefab Toronto

This isn't a new trend by far, in fact Vancouver was the first Canadian city to reinstate prefab homes. But now Toronto intends to build a number of prefab sustainable homes in North Toronto in November. Four homes will be situated by a ravine, with the first home measuring in at 2200 sq. ft and a 1000 sq. ft basement.

Materials to be used will include bamboo,cork, recycled quartz, porcelain, and glass tile.  Not only will they be luxurious but added eco features include rain water catchments and geothermal  heating and cooling systems. The overall construction will see less waste end up in landfills too. The idea is to build a small but sustainably luxurious home that would appeal to the empty nest set or retired individuals. Architect  Ray Kappe: California Modern Master will design all four homes.

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