Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Buetooth Jacket by Polo Ralph Lauren

Premium lifestyle and fashion brand Polo Ralph Lauren has joined the technology enhanced clothing world with it’s soon to be released RLX Bluetooth jacket for the rainy days on the driving range.
Yes, Golfers too have their iPod and cellphone while enjoying their sport and yes, they too have all their hands on the action, not much room to operate the little devices.
Integrating the QIO Systems textile keypads in the sleeve of the rain coat jacket which is connected to the PANiQ Bluetooth module, the Golfer can easily, conveniently and save from rain listening to his/her motivational music or make cellphone calls with a push on the sleeve.
The RLX rain suit, with Bluetooth jacket and matching rain trousers, costs about $1,000 and should be available in stores by now but I couldn’t find any online retailer yet who has it on stock.
Interesting to see how companies explore the potential of technology enhanced clothing in different segments of the fashion world.

via: talktomyshirt

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Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for dropping by. i actually used to have your blog link on mine but you disappeared for a while so i assumed u stopped blogging! glad to see your magazine is up and running. i'm not sure how i can be in an article..i'm not much to do with eco/sustainability!

Jen x

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