Friday, October 31, 2008

Pool Position

Photo: John Scarisbrick

As Sandra Backlund continues to grow her fledgling label her directional silhouettes continue to be highly recognisable. Offering a stark colour scheme for Spring/Summer 2009, here she has demonstrated her interpretation of spiderwebs, orchids, and butterflies.

Photo: John Scarisbrick

Often I have been asked, is her designs wearable? For some absolutely, but for the average woman she has designed pieces that can be worn with jeans, or skirts. Heavy pullovers worn on a tall individual would be best, but a scarf can be worn by all. I'm not sure if she has created any scarves but in her previous collections there have been some hoods/hats.

Photo: John Scarisbrick

Her concentration on heavy knitted collages in large organic shapes that never ever repeat season after season never seem to disappoint. According to Sandra her designs are fuelled by thinking of wool as a sculpting tool rather than a fashion tool.

Photo: John Scarisbrick

Collaborations I would like to see: Donna Karan, Alexander McQueen, Ermanno Scervino


Anonymous said...

love all of it, i saw the square one at lfw and was quite intrigued as to what else she would do,
where did you find the pictures?!


Miss Urbanita said...

Fantastic pics, fantastic knitted collection!

please sir said...

WOW these are amazing! I love when knits are pushed to the limit!

Fifi Flowers said...

Very interesting!
I'm ready to be on your blog... just let me know when!

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Crazy shots!!! great blog.
when you get a chance, i'd love feedback on mine:

EterKnity said...

This work is AMAZING and inspirational. I just love her creations. Great post!

Kira Fashion said...

Just fantastic!

a kiss!!!

deep_in_vogue said...

fantastic... it would be amazing to have some of those knitted wonders in my wardrobe

3rdparty said...

hi Jacqueline! i juz saw ur comments on my old blog( Thanks for the comments.btw i totally love the werks in ur blog.smashing! do hit me back at :)


The Doctor said...

Oh I love those pieces!

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