Monday, September 22, 2008

Vivienne Tam

In these past weeks of worldwide fashion shows technology giant HP (Hewlett Packard) and fashion designer Vivienne Tam unleashed the first in designer computer notebooks. Tam’s a digital clutch notebook is gleaming red and bursting with pink and purple peony flowers.

Tam hopes that her design would convey calmness and tranquility. She also included an embroidered sleeve with the clutch notebook to help keep the exterior protected.
Adding to the mood, the enter key on the digital clutch notebook includes the Chinese symbol for double happiness.

Tam explains that she chose the peony design because they are the most beautiful flowers and have many layers of unfolding blossoms — much like the layers of a busy woman's life. This design combination with a technology company promotes reliability and multi-tasking for a busy woman’s life, but still upholds the importance of femininity and beauty in a small, compact and lightweight device.

This notebook will be incorporated into Tam’s spring 2009 line of clothes, as well as the invitations to her show and a new notebook carrying case she'll be selling in her stores. Will more combinations in fashion technology be seen in the future? You bet.

Collaborations I would like to see: BlackBerry, Apple. A line of laptop bags.


Anonymous said...

one of the hottest thing ever )))

Anonymous said...

one of the hottest and terndiest things ever )))

Kira Fashion said...

hi friend!

about your question, the pics are from Vogue Brazil, july, 2007.

a kiss for you!
thanks a lot for passing at my blog!

please sir said...

I would LOVE one of these!

Fifi Flowers said...

AMAZING! I was a fashion rep in 1993 for Tam when she was designing for East Wind Code... and she was just starting to use HER NAME... Many of her fashions were see through and knits... I can see her fashions wrapped around laptop... good for her... technology is a right direction... it's all about FASHION!

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