Thursday, September 11, 2008

Andrew Yates

The recent surge of knitwear designers emerging from the UK showcase a broader array of what can be done with yarn. Educated at Central Saint Martins graduating with a BA Honours this year Andrew specialises in intarsia and tromp l'oeil.

Andrew's work was chosen from a graduation class of 150 to show at the Central Saint Martins press show this year. He's definitely off to a good start but with so many new designers in an already highly competative market the push to start his own label might be immenent. We hope to follow is progress and have more to report in the future.

Collaborations I would like to see: Fendi, Burberry


Jude said...

These are gorgeous Jacqueline! Thanks for sharing Andrew's work.

I know I owe you an e-mail. I'll be in touch soon ☺

Anonymous said...

nice works ))) love them!


Thank you so much Jaqueline

you words are candies for my ears

i think that beauty come from the generosity
what I must do as a photographer of life and not fashion, what I do is looking for this generosity.
I already met gorgeous girls in Paris but with no generosity
and when it happens, I don't shoot them

I'll do my best to breing you great photos from tha London Fashion week

cheers from Paris

ps : you'll be very kind if you just could ad "PARIS" to my link so that people know bette that it's focused on Paris


Kira Fashion said...

that´s amazing and I do love the cape!

a kiss!!!

please sir said...

Love it - the mix of geometric shapes with fluid form is amazing.

Jen said...

Aw bet he would love it if he saw this post. I'll send him the link!

EterKnity said...

Amazing knitwear !!!

Jacqueline said...

Jen, by all means send him the link, it's great to see new talent,and here we want to expose them as much as possible.

Andrew Yates said...

Sorry Im so late, but Im thanking you for leaving this wonderful article on my work... its really great to see and quite a few people have told me that they have seen it, which I am really hapy about! I am going to work in Austrailia for a hand knitting company, get a bit of experience about how a company is developed... im thinking about maybe doing an MA in a couple of years, but before that, its knit, purl around the world for me!

Thank you once again for posting this article!

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