Monday, July 7, 2008

Russ Hagan

Russ Hagan recently graduated (May 2008) this year with a wealth of ideas ready for production. This chandelier was made out of disposable plastic utensils making this the recycled darling of this update. Two of the chandeliers will make their debut on MTV's The Real World.

These bookends are not only practical but strikingly beautiful and would appeal to the consumer that's constantly on the move. They pack flat for shipping so they'll take up very little space if any. Made out of 1/16th aluminum sheets they can be easily manipulated to keep their shape and strength.

This sofa implies that easy feeling that all his designs seem to portray. His concentration seems to be in home furnishings, whether he stays in that catergory is yet to be seen.
Collaborations I would like to see: Karim Rashid, Umbra, Ikea


miss a. said...

Have you ever heard of Tobias Wong? He's amazing -

P.S. Karim Rashid has beef with him.

Amy Jo Garner said...

I might not ever get up off that couch! It looks way too comfy.

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