Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sandra Backlund

Sandra Backlund's mysterious knitting technique has garnered her a lot of attention since she started her career. A virtual unknown based in Stockholm Sweden came from the underground design world. Her work caught the eye of Marc Jacobs and was asked to contribute to Louis Vuitton's AW/07 collection.

Photographer: Carl Bengttson

Having truly hit her stride Sandra was chosen my Vogue Italia's Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani to create a collection for Protege Project in Florence, Italy.

Photographer: Annika Aschberg

Only four years as a kntwear designer Sandra has constantly improved upon her designs by letting the human body be her inspiration.
Collaborations I would like to see: Missoni, Pringle, Burberry

Photographer:Ola Bergengren


LiamFahy said...

Can't beat the Swedes when it comes to design. I really like the shapes and the single medium signature. Brilliant.

Your Marketing Specialist said...

Nice, I like your blog. Who knows what this could lead to for yourself and others.

EterKnity said...

It's hard to believe that she's been doing this for only 4 years! Her work is inspirational. Knitting is definitely an art form and Sandra's work is stunning. Thanks for the great post - love your blog!

Jen said...

I saw her last week :D I said sumin stupid, it was a bit of a blur. I was star struck to say the least

I'm guna just follow in her footsteps and create my next collection by myself.

I like your blog by the way


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